HMS Richmond's Privacy Policy

HMS Richmond, Inc. honors your right to privacy and your right to limit information exchanges to only those you initiate, if you so desire. We also hope to enhance your experience at our site and to enable an interactive relationship with you. We welcome your feedback about our privacy policy.

HMS Richmond, Inc. will not voluntarily disclose to any third parties, for marketing or promotional purposes, personal information disclosed by you to HMS Richmond through our World Wide Web site. Sources of this information may include but are not limited to survey/registration forms, page hit counters, product order information, e-mails to our forum or in contacting us, and postings to our chat area.

And now for the fine print from our Legal Department...

HMS Richmond Inc. strives to protect the privacy of the information you provide, and inadvertent disclosure of that information is extremely unlikely. In the event of such an inadvertent disclosure, HMS Richmond will do everything reasonable to limit and remedy the disclosure, but HMS Richmond accepts no liability for any unintentional disclosure. In addition, in the unlikely event that any government or private individual seeks information, HMS Richmond will not voluntarily provide the information, but will obey any court order requiring disclosure.

The HMS Richmond Web site records visitor page hits for site usage analysis only. This information is reported internally and then purged regularly.

If you supply HMS Richmond with your postal or e-mail address, and/or phone number through our site, you will not receive promotional or informational communications from HMS Richmond beyond the scope of the initial communication or request for information.

You are requested to review the Copyright and the Terms of Use section of this site.

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