Line Illustrations courtesy of Mr. Tom Apple
of "Larboard Watch"



The sailmaker's flat stitch, begins on your primary hand side and is worked toward your auxiliary hand. Using a stitching palm,  push the needle toward you. Remember to make fast the end n your primary hand side, pulling taut with your auxiliary hand. 12 stitches to needle length.






A penny-size marlin grommet, begins with an overhand knot. Then tuck the ends as shown, tie a second overhand knot, tuck the ends once more, and trim. You will need 24 of these, 12 per tabling.





Sewing the grommet to the cloth is straight forward. Best to cut a 1/2" dia. hole first. Since the grommet can stretch during sewing, make sure you keep to the dia. of the hole.


If possible, use a 1/2" arch punch to cut the hole. Last choice is a very sharp knife, be careful, as one slip will ruin the cloth.




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