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Click on the following program files to download these "off watch" programs. Choose a location on your computer to send the files, then locate the file, double click on it to unzip it and select the final destination on your computer to send the program.

You must have read and agree to the Terms of Use section before downloading any programs from this site. Note there is NO tech support for these programs.

Download and install a bit of the Richmond - the Richmond's watch bell. This self extracting file will place your sound card equipped computer "on watch" 24 hours a day. Great for leaning to tell time when we are onboard during actual events.

Click on the file below and save it to a folder of your choice. After downloading, locate the file, double click on the file and then again double click on the "shipbell.exe" file after the extraction is complete. Read and follow the "Read me" file that appears. Do not click on the "close" box selection after the program is installed as this will terminate the program. Make sure "Enable" is grayed out and then in the top right corner, minimise the window. Once installed, the watch bells will activate on the hour and half hour based on the computer's clock setting and which watch is current.You may send the program to your Windows' Start-Up folder so that the watch program will start automatically each time the computer is started.

To hear the Richmond's ship's bell, your computer will require a sound card and Windows 3.x or better. As this is for naval use, other referenced alarm sound files are not included.

HBMS Richmond's Watch Bell Program. This file is 238k.

Download the HMS Surprise, a frigate sailing simulator for Windows 95/98/NT. This superb program is authentic in every regard, and will challenge the best Sailing Masters.

Download as above, and after the program is installed, double click on the file "surprise.exe," then open the help file to see a briefing on the best set-up and how to operate the program.

This program is the product of Peter Davis, Zeist, The Netherlands. Peter states that if you have any problems installing or running the simulator, comments on the behaviour of the ship or any suggestions for improvements, to let him know at

Be warned! This program is very addictive and only suitable for those with plenty of spare time!

HMS Surprise Sailing Simulator This file is 132k.

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