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Seaman Rating Togs were not uniformed, other than the hats of the Ship's Bargemen and as the captain may have so decided

Bargemen's hat - not available ready made (pattern not available at present).

Coat - Kannik's Korner, version B, have flaps added to the pockets.

Shirt - Jas. Townsend, item #CK-124 or SH-124, in plain, checked or striped (vertical only);  Michael the Tailor, item SPS#25; Tuckahoe Trading Company, item JPT0001

Neckerchief - blue or red background with white poka dots or other period designs in linen or cotton; black  in silk, linen, or cotton. 1 sq. yard. Local fabric store.

Skilts -Michael the Tailor, SPS#33; Coureur De Bois, skilts are SL700 in fustian. New! Slops available from Kannik's Korner.

Sailor Pants - Jas. Townsend, item # DT-107 (cotton), LT-107 (linen) , drop front design.Tuckahoe Trading Company, item CLT0001

Stockings - Jas. Townsend, 2 pair, natural white wool or cotton (colours acceptable) , item # SP-754, SP-755, or SP757; Coureur De Bois, CS100 cotton and WS600 for wool.

Ditty Bag  (optional) - Michael the Tailor 

Sea Bag (optional) - item SPS#43, Michael the Tailor - #ACC0045 ,Sailor's Seabag (well made) Tuckahoe Trading Company

Boarding Pistol, British sea-service pattern (optional) - Loyalist Arms & Repairs; Dixie Gun Works

Eating Utensils - Tin or Cooper cup (with tin lining); pewter or wood spoon, knife, fork; wooden or tin bowl. Jas. Townsend: items KF-160, TC-834, TP-29, and KF-160; G.G. Godwin: fork #136, spoon #163, wooden bowl #493. For square wooden plates, Smoke & Fire Co. Pewter spoons of various original molds. Tuckahoe Trading Company





Round hat - Jas. Townsend, item #TH-914, special order with the brim cut to 3" all around, and without the cockade and rosette on the side. Upon receiving it, paint the entire top of the hat with several coats of semi-gloss black oil base paint.  By captain's orders, add a black 1-1/2" ribbon around the lower crown, bow in the back with 8" strands (2) coming off the bow, hanging off the back of the hat with a "V" cut in their ends with the point of the "V" pointing toward the hat. Note: a square kerchief of cotton or lien tied in back of the head can be substituted for the Round Hat. 

Belt w/Brass Buckle - Black and not over 2" wide, 1 1/2" better. Not needed unless to carry knife in a sheath - Roy Najecki

Seaman's Weskit (optional) - , item SPS#20, Michael the Tailor.

Garters - Jas. Townsend, item #GA-753, G.G. Godwin.

Shoes w/Buckles - Jas. Townsend, G.G. Godwin, Fugawee,

Canteen, British pattern - Jas. Townsend, item TC-722; G.G. Godwin, #9; Jarnigan, # 14545 (preferred). Note: tin construction requires brewer's pitch coating inside.

Knife & Sheath (optional) - Jas. Townsend, item # LS-177 and #KN-166. More common is the pocket knifes of this era, also available from Jas. Townsend

Grey Wool Blanket (optional) - Massachusetts Army-Navy, U.S. Calvary

Cutlass (optional) - Loyalist Arms & Repairs


Loyalist Arms & Repairs
1137 Old Sambro Rd., Harrietsfield,
Nova Scotia, Canada B3V 1B1 
PH. 902-479-0967 , FAX.902-479-0032

White Fox Trading Co.
805 Three Meadows #5

Perrysburg, OH 43551

(419) 872-4673


G. Gedney Godwin
Box 100 
Valley Forge, PA 19481 
(610) 783-0670 (orders) 
(610) 783-6083 (FAX) 
C&D Jarnigan Company
P.O. Box 1860
Cornith, MS 38835-1860
(601) 287-4977 (orders)
(601) 287-6033 (FAX)
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.
133 North First Street 
P.O. Box 415
Pierceton, IN 46562 
1-800-338-1665 (orders) 
(219)-594-5580 (information) 
Dixie Gun Works, Inc.
P.O. Box 130
Gunpowder Lane
Union City, TN 38261
1-800-238-6785 (orders)
(901) 885-0561 (information)
Just Two Tailors (Coureur De Bois)
April-Oct. - address is 287 Main St., Poultney, VT. 05674
Winter is 115 Dowda Circle, Crescent City, Fl. 32112
Pinckney, MI 48169
Burnley & Trowbridge Co.

108 Druid Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23185

(757)-253-1644  Fax (757)-253-9120


Offering period correct Cloth & Notions

Tuckahoe Trading Co.

Purveyors of Museum Quality Reproductions

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