Teacher Lesson Plans

Naval Warfare in the American Revolution

Unit Plan

Lesson Plan #1: The British Empire and the Royal Navy
Lesson Plan #2: The Ship: Design and Construction
Lesson Plan #3: The Ship: A Miniature City
Lesson Plan #4: The Ship: Life at Sea
Lesson Plan #5: Naval Battles in the Age of Sail
Lesson Plan #6: A Look at the Past: The Revolution and Marine Archaeology
Lesson Plan #7: Dead Reckoning and Celestial Navigation (Math)
Lesson Plan #8: Popular Literature and Period Poetry (English)
Lesson Plan #9: Period Food (Home Economics)
Lesson Plan #10:Period Music 

Recommended Projects to go with the Lesson Plans

About the Author:
Meryl Rutz holds a Master of Arts in History from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of History from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has been interested in the maritime events of the American Revolution for several years and has recently gotten involved in reenacting the life of a sailor in the Royal Navy during that period.

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