Commissioned Officers:

Post Capt.

1st Lieutenant -

2rd Lieutenant - Open

SUPERNUMERARY: Captain of Marines - Open,

Lieutenant of Marines - Open

Marine Surgeon (Req's M.D., Paramedic or current EMT) - Open 

Warrant Sea Officers:

Master -


Gunner -

Carpenter - Ship's

Surgeon ;

Purser (Treasurer)

Inferior Warrant Officers:


2-Cooks -

2-Schoolmasters - Open

2-Surgeon's Mates -

Armourer - Open

Master-at-Arms - Open

Sailmaker -

Petty Officers:

4-Midshipman -   2 Open

Steward - Open

2-Yeoman - Open

2-Quartermasters - Open

Master's Mate - Meryl Rutz

2-Boatswain's Mates - Open

4-Gunners Mates (Req.Certification)

Capt's Clerk (Secretary) - Open

2-Sailmaker's Mates -

Carpenter's Mate - Open

4-Quarter Gunners (Req.Certification)- Open

Corporal's Assistant - Open



Painting courtesy of Geoff Hunt, for which the Richmond's Ship's Company is obliged for the exquisite time Mr. Hunt takes in preparing for his paintings, from the original sketch on the back of an envelope and all the subsequent sketches till the painting is complete. This involves detailed research, reading masses of ships' logs and even contacting the Royal Observatory to check the sun's height and angle at a precise moment at specific latitude and longitude on a particular day. Copyright © Geoff Hunt. All rights reserved world wide.

NOTE: The following topmen billets require experienced hands having square rig sail handling references available:

Capt. of the Foretop - Open

Capt. of the Maintop - Open

Capt. of the Forecastle - Open

Capt. of the Afterguard - Open

Capt. of the Waist - Open

Ropemaker - Open


Steward's Mate - Open

20-Carpenter's Crew - Open

20-Sailmaker's Crew - Open

Seaman Ratings:

50-Landsman - Open

30- Ordinary. Seaman - Open

20-Able Body Seaman open

Servants and Boys
4-Servants - Open

4-Boy ~ 3rd class - Open

Sergeant of Marines:

Sergeant of Marines

Corporals of Marines:
1 - Open
Marine Private Soldiers
25 - Open



2-Drummers - Open



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